Limited Lifetime Warranty

Congratulations on the purchase of your ALT Progetto Aqua product. By purchasing an ALT product, you are taking part in the global movement for better living. We take pride in manufacturing drinking water faucets that are certified Lead-Free.  Also, nearly all of our faucets exceed industry standards in water conservation. We’ve equipped them with efficient ecological aerators that reduce water consumption without giving up performance. Let’s protect our most precious natural resource for generations to come.

ALT Progetto Aqua products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and will procure you with many years of trouble-free enjoyment. We stand behind our brand and certify that ALT products carry a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Residential Applications

ALT Progetto Aqua products carry a limited lifetime warranty on all cartridges and also on the polished chrome finish.

All other ALT product components and parts carry a limited five-year warranty, with same terms applying, except duration of warranty.

First owners of new residential units are included as original consumer purchaser and receive same rights in respect to warranty.

ALT will provide necessary parts without charge for any part that proves defective in material and manufacturing workmanship, under normal installation, use and service. Normal wear of the finish is not covered by this warranty. The ALT warranty is limited strictly to the original consumer purchaser of the product, as well as first owners of new residential units. Proof of purchase must be made available to ALT for all limited warranty claims. Products that are deemed defective must be returned to our factory for inspection prior to replacement. The limited warranty is not transferable and is limited to products sold and installed in Canada and the United States.  ALT products should be installed by a licensed professional plumber.


Commercial Industrial Applications

Industrial, Commercial, and Business purchasers of ALT products are extended a five-year limited warranty from date of purchase, with all other warranty terms applying, except duration of warranty.

The ALT warranty does not cover the following:

– Damages resulting in whole or part from installation error, product abuse, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance, abrasives, corrosion and/or accidents whether caused or performed by a plumber, contractor, service provider, or anyone else.

– Any and all ALT products that are subjected to any type of harsh abrasive, such as cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach, acids, waxes, alcohol, or solvents.

– Normal wear of the finish.

– Damages caused by hard water, calcareous deposits or sediments.

– The damage or loss sustained in a natural calamity such as fire, earthquake, flood, thunder, electrical storm, etc.

ALT is not responsible for any labor charges and/or damages incurred in whole or in part from installation, removal, re-installation, shipping, repair or replacement of any ALT product or part, nor for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, injuries, losses, or expenses of any nature relating to ALT parts and/or products.

To obtain warranty service, please contact the retailer where the product was purchased. The original sales receipt must be available to exercise our warranty.

This warranty is extended to the first purchaser at retail (Including first owners of new residential units). This warranty is NOT transferable.  All shipping costs are NOT included and will be charged with applicable taxes.

ALT reserves the right to make product specification changes without notice or obligation and to change or discontinue certain models.

This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, conditions and guarantees, whether expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, including any implied warranties of merchantability, or fitness for use.

For any customer service and/or technical inquiries regarding Alt products, please contact your local AD WATERS branch, exclusive distributor of ALT products across North America (Canada and USA):

  • AD WATERS USA  customer service: 1 855 943-2782
  • AD WATERS Montréal customer service: 1 800 867-8484
  • AD WATERS Toronto customer service: 1 800 660-4992
  • AD WATERS Vancouver customer service: 1 888 941-4411